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Collection "S"

Das Phenakistiskop auch bekannt als Lebensrad - ein frühes Beispiel bewegter Bildfolgen.

The fantastic collection "S" of KH.W. Steckelings consists of about 1.139 exhibits.
It gives a complete documentation - including unique artefacts - about how pictures learnt to move. Many of these today’s amazing pieces of equipment give an idea of the enormous technical expenditure our ancestors needed to get pictures moving. The collection "S" is based on the serious scientific way of contemplation, but besides this you can also recognize the quality of a sensuously entertainment of each exhibit.

The collection "S" is an excellent combination which could not be realized in this way today anymore. It presents a pioneering epoch of the development of film and photography between the years 1750 till 1930.
KH.W. Steckelings needed about 30 years of his passion of collecting something to compile all this amazing objects, which he found all over the world, for example, in London, Paris, Amsterdam or Brussels.
Shadow plays, transparencies, magic laterns, kaleidoscopes, anamorphosis, thaumatropes, zoetropes, phenakisticopes, peep-shows and many other of these objects are the main components of the collection "S". All of them can be seen in the Museum “Prehistory of Film”.


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