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Installation 1992


In 1992 Mülheim was the host of a regional garden show, called MüGa, which led to a fundamental structural change of former industrial areas. And the old watertower of Broich is located in the MüGa-Park.Die Camera Obscura während der Mülheimer Landesgartenschau 1992.

In the framework of this project the world biggest “walk-in” Camera Obscura was installed in the dome of the tower. This project was based on the idea of Professor Werner Nekes. The project was finally realized by the Carl Zeiss Jena company, one of the most well-known German enterprises for optic and precision engineering. It was one of the biggest projects for the company in West-Germany after the political change.

The installation was completely financed by donations. The water tower became an important industrial and cultural heritage for the city.

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