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Hintergrundbild Camera Obscura
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Camera Obscura world-wide


Mainly in Europe you find today other Camerae Obscurae in different types and reproductions. A nice selection of these we have enlisted for you here. If you are familiar with other cameras around the world please let us know!




Camera Obscura Oybiner Berg

In 1852 the watchmaker from Oybin, named Weber, had the idea of building a Camera Obscura on the almost highest point of the mountain Oybin, the “Kaiserbett”. He constructed a small, 2,30 m high tower, where the view into the Oybin Valley, the “Hausgrund” and between “Ameisenberg” and “Töpfer” to Zittau was very good. Also the tourists who were in direct vicinity of the Camera and of the “Kaiserbett” were able to be followed in the little tower to the observers delight.

Die Marburger Camera Obscura

The Camera Obscura in Marburg is located below the castle “Landgrafenschloss”; but nevertheless, with a good view above the city. The Camera Obscura was originally a project of the faculty of physics of the Philipps-University of Marburg and was realized in 2002 on the occasion of the 475 th anniversary of the university. Because of an opening of 240 mm and a light intensity that is connected to it, guided tours are also offered at night when the weather is good.


Camera Obscura in Hainichen

The official opening of a Camera Obscura, which was donated by a member of a local association, took place on June 23, 1883 on the mountain “Rahmenberg” in Hainichen. In 1906 another storey was added to the simple and small timber house and than it was moved to another location not far away. In 1985 another storey was build on the house to have a better panorama view and that is still the way it looks today.

Camera Obscura von Paulo Frank Boer

In 2002 the artist Paulo Frank Boer converted a trailer into a “walk-in” Camera Obscura. The acoustic and visual art project started on April 13, 2002. It was its aim to document the stages of the building project of the MARTa Herford company. The Camera Obscura is a trailer which was converted into a projection room. After the completion more than thousand of people visited the Camera Obscura during different exhibitions and artistic activities. The mobile Camera Obscura was accepted as an independent artistic product, which is not only fixed for a particular location or environment. Because of the high attractiveness the trailer is still available for viewings. 


Great Britain:


Outlook Tower, Edinburgh

The “magic” Camera Obscura in the Outlook Tower in Edinburgh dates from the year 1850. You cannot only have fun by observing people on the street. The Tower also contains the biggest 3-D hologram display of Europe. Some smaller holograms are obtainable in the nearby shop.


Camera Obscura im Greenwich Oberservatory

In 1994 a modern Camera Obscura was installed in the small summer-cottage next to Flamsteed House. In Greenwich there have always been different types of Camerae Obscurae, especially from the late seventeenth century until the 1840ies.


Camera Obscura, Douglas (Isle of Man)

Originally the historical “Great Union Camera” stood at the “Iron Pier” at Douglas Bay. But in 1870 the pier was pulled down and some time later the Camera was brought to another place. Since that time the Camera has been located on a windy hill over Douglas Bay. The Camera Obscura does not have its strength in the moving panoramas of a city, but more in the attractions of the nature itself: The details of the reproduction on the projection surface show the wind in the grass just as flying seagulls.


Camera Obscura, Aberystwyth (Wales)

Since 1896 you can reach the top of the Constitution Hill with the longest and only Welsh mountain railway in Great Britain. There is also a very big Camera Obscura with a diameter of the lens of almost 36 cm. Both the technological equipment and the optics came from Wales.


Foredown Tower, Portslade

The Foredown Tower was originally built as a water tower in 1909 and since than it has been offering a wonderful view over the landscape of Sussex. Today it is the only intact camera in the Southeast of the country. With the incomparable optics of a Camera Obscura it is a lot of fun for the observer to look at the environment.


The original windmill of Corbelly Hill was built around 1790, but soon became unprofitable in 1830 because of the watermill that lies under it at the bank of the Nith. In 1834 a change was suggested; as a result, the building was not pulled down. In the following two years the windmill was converted and a Camera Obscura as well as a telescope was installed.

It was the intention to complete the observatory for the publication of the “Hally Comet” in 1835 in time. But the construction of the telescope was delayed so the opening finally took place in August 1836


Museum Neuhaus, Biel

In connection to the opening of the expanded and renovated museum in 1995, the permanent exhibition “Cinécollection W. Piasio – Archology of the cinema” is presented. On the occasion of the exhibition the former fish pavilion in front of the museum Neuhaus was converted into a Camera Obscura. One half of the pavilion is located over the little river “Schüss”. When you visit the Camera Obscura you can see stroller on the “Schüss”-promenade, ducks on the river and cars driving over the “Spitalstraße”.



Camera Obscura auf der Rollfähre

With a public celebration the Camera Obscura by Olafur Eliasson was opened on June 26 2004 on the renovated roll-on-ferry. This ferry crosses the Danube in "Spitz" in the austrian district "Wachau".




Castelo de São Jorge, Lissabon (Portugal)

Those who come to Lisbon always visit the Castelo de Sao Jorge, either by feet or with the old tram, to enjoy the view over the whole metropolis. Besides the beautiful view you can also find a Camera Obscura, which was installed there in 1998.


Torre Tavira, Cádiz (Spanien)

Cádiz is world-famous for its innumerable watchtowers. The Tavira Tower, built in the baroque style of the 18 th century, was a part of the palace of Marquis de Recano. In 1778 it also became the official watchtower of the city and has since than remained the highest viewpoint of the city. What seems to be more obvious there than an installation of a Camera Obscura?


South Africa:


Observatory Museum. Grahamtown

The only Camera Obscura ever built in South-Africa is located in a Victorian building, a place, where the owner and builder himself spent the twilight of his life. The jeweller and watchmaker Henry Carter Galpin lived in Grahamstown from 1850 till 1886. Although he had seven children he had enough time to follow his interest. His brilliant knowledge of astronomy and optics is regained in the construction of this Camera Obscura.


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