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Hintergrundbild Camera Obscura
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Broich Watertower

Ansicht des Broicher Wasserturms in den 1980er Jahren.

The water tower, which is 25,5 m high, was originally built in 1904. First it was important for the improvement factory of the German National Railway in Speldorf to support the team locomotives which were left at the nearby “Ringlokschuppen”. Besides this the water tower protected the operation on the lower “Ruhrtalbahn”, a local line of the “Bergisch-Märkische” (the hilly area to the East of Cologne) railway, which had already been put into operation in 1876. The importance of the entire railway area suddenly ended during a bomb attack in 1943. Fortunately the tower itself remained undamaged.
In 1992 the biggest “walk-in” Camera Obscura in the world was installed in the former water dome of the building which is listed today.

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